March 3, 2018

Well-being survey

Click here to take our Well-being survey!

We’ve conducted several surveys and polls throughout the course of the campaign. Many of which were directly inspired by the sentiment of local residents who shared their thoughts via our facebook group.

The overwhelming concern and burning question throughout has resoundingly been, “how is an industrial incinerator of this size, allowed to be sited so close to a residential community?”

Astoundingly and despite repeated efforts by residents to involve themselves by positively engaging in the formal consultation process, many feel that their voicing of genuine concerns has not being adequately addressed. Resulting in disdain and they are consequently undeniably disgruntled and confused with the planning and consultation process.

This has been compounded by the lack of acknowledgement of the +10,000 signatures on our petition leading to requests by the community for more a visual and resilient approach, such as demonstrations and marches!

Whilst the community once held confidence in the consultation process, many now feel let down by it and along with the increase in pollution, the bitter pill of a “done deal from the beginning” has now soured peoples lips and tainted their feeling of Well-being.

It is with this regard, that we have chosen to complied our own Well-being survey in an attempt to assess residents present and future concerns.

Please take a moment to complete our Well-being survey, the results of which will be presented to Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commission, and her team.

Once again,

Thank you for all your time and efforts.

DIAG team