July 29, 2017

Timeline of events

Would you believe this has been going on for nearly TEN YEARS??

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Original Planning Refused

This project was for a smaller incinerator (9MW) and although was recommended for approval, the VoG planning committee refused it based on increase traffic and concerns how it would effect the environment including the Waterfront regeneration.
Read the Wales Online article here.

WAG Overturn planning on Appeal

After planning was refused, Sunrise Renewables appealed the decision, where a welsh assembly planning inspectorate overturned the decision and approved planning. This cost VoG approx £70,000 in legal costs. Read more here.

New plans submitted

Now under the name Biomass UK No.2 Ltd (largely the same directors as Sunrise Renewables) a new plan is submitted to VoG with a larger 10MW Plant.

Planning Approved

In a rather controversial turn of events, the VOG Planning Committee approved planning for the new larger plant. During the meeting [View it on youtube, at 22mins] a letter was presented from Welsh Assembly Governmentagreeing with the VOG designation as a Waste Plant [view letter] but declining to screen it for Environmental Impact Assessment. Not only was this letter submitted on the day of the meeting (usually not allowed) and addressed to Barry&Vale Friends of the Earth, but the officer Marcus Goldsworthy asserted that the Council had to take it into account.

Despite over 100 letters of objection and in fear of facing large legal bills in appeal, the council voted to approve the planning.
Read the Barry and District article here.

Biomass applies to NRW for permit

With construction well under way, Biomass applied for a permit to operate from Natural Resources Wales. NRW is a relatively new government body, formed in 2013 when the environment agency, forestry commission and countryside council in Wales all merged. They are the government body responsible for many things in the environment including issuing permits for such plants and regulating them once running. NRW opened a public consultation which was due to last until May 8th, where they anticipated to make a decision on this plant. 

DIAG goes viral

Following a public meeting at Castleland Community Centre, DIAG released a campaign video on facebook as many people in Barry were not aware that the incinerator was even being built. The video went viral and was shared by 2000 people, amounting to 58,000 views and sparked a huge public interest.

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People of Barry, your help is neededPeople of Barry, your help is needed.

Posted by Stop The Barry Incinerator on Sunday, 19 March 2017

Barry Town Council agree to fund expert reports

Unhappy with the lack of action from the VoG council, Barry Town Council unanimously agreed a budget of £10,000 to seek an independent expert report on the impacts of this plant. This sum was originally £5,000 but councillors were very supportive and understanding that more funds may be required.

Read Barry & District News article here

BBC Wales Today cover the story

DIAG Chairman Alexis Liosatos is interviewed on the BBC Wales flagship news program.

Demo at the Memo

First Minister Carwyn Jones was holding a public event at Barry Memorial Hall and DIAG arranged a peaceful protest outside with nearly 200 people providing a welcoming committee, many of whom were children. Unfortunately the First Minister decided to sneak in the back door and not even acknowledge the people that had come out to see him.

During the event inside, the first minister did announce he would ask NRW for more time on the consultation.

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Protest and March through town

With public interest always rising and now many more residents becoming aware of the threat from Biomass, a protest and march through the centre of Barry was arranged. With so many people attending the march blocked the road.


Consultation extended

After demonstrating clear ‘high public interest’ and with support from Jane Hutt AM and Alun Cairnes MP, following a request by the First Minister, Natural Resources Wales agreed to extend the consultation.

Plume Plotter launched for Barry

Plume Plotter is a website which takes data from industrial plants and produces a real-time emissions map using current weather data. Even though the Biomass plant was not operational yet, Plume Plotter is able to use the figures from the NRW application to produce a map which is regularly updated.


Barry Town Council EGM

BTC called an extraordinary meeting to discuss the report they commissioned and completed by Capita. Due to the high interest in this, the meeting was held in Barry Memorial Hall with approx 300 members of the public.

Following this meeting, BTC also agreed to commission another report from Capita to be based on the Fire Prevention Plan for the plant.


Meeting with NRW

Jane Hutt AM had arranged a meeting between DIAG members and senior staff of NRW to raise the many concerns of the Biomass plant. The meeting was very successful and as a result NRW announced they would be issuing a Schedule 5 notice to Biomass. This is a legal document outlining the gaps in the application. This would be the third schedule 5 document issued to Biomass about this plant. The first schedule 5 was issued in January and was regarding a single issue. This schedule 5 was 12 pages long and covered over 70 separate points that needed addressing.

You can view the document on the BTC website here.

Biomass fail to show at public meeting

Despite a Biomass spokesperson stating in the local press that they are happy to engage with the community, after being invited to the next public meeting they failed to present any representation and were therefore replaced with a block of lard.


Vale Leader doesn't want the incinerator here

The Leader of the Vale Council, John Thomas stated in the Barry & District News that he would “prefer it was not in Barry” after being heckled for a yes or no answer at a full council meeting.
Read the full article here. 

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7,000 signatures

The total combined number of signatures of the petition (online and on paper) is approximately 7,000 with many of these coming from door-to-door enquiries and local community events such as the Scout Fete and Cadstock. 


Biomass respond to the Schedule 5 notice

Biomass have responded to the schedule 5 issued by NRW in May. NRW have now announced that a 28 day consultation will take place to allow the public to absorb and respond to this. Due to the response being approx 1000 pages long and very technical, BTC and DIAG have officially asked for a more reasonable time for the public to respond.

DIAG meet with NRW

With Jane Hutt as Chair, Diag once again met with officers of NRW to present to them the consultation response (over 100 pages) and to officially handover the petition with over 10,000 signatures.

"Welsh Government can stop incinerator"

Andrew RT Davies shows his continued support for the campaign stating…

“The Welsh Government should exercise its powers to stop the Barry Incinerator, South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies has said.

The plant is currently under construction – but is yet to receive an Environmental Permit from Natural Resources Wales.

Without one – it will not be licenced to operate.

While NRW are responsible for the deciding the application – the regulations governing it give Welsh Government Ministers a power to direct them”.

Full article: www.andrewrtdavies.co.uk/news/welsh-government-can-stop-incinerator

NRW launches public consultation

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 14.43.29www.naturalresources.wales/about-us/news-and-events/news/consultation-begins-on-barry-biomass-draft-decision

Started 27th Nov 2017 > Ended 22nd Jan 2018

Older Persons delegation meet Am's @ Senedd

24796603_1514173911952911_1654044350210747449_nDIAG were pleased to meet with Jane Hutt AM, Andrew RT Davies AM and Neil McEvoy AM. In a united cross party welcoming of a delegation of people from Barry.

The group outside the Senedd, Cardiff Bay suppported by Nic Hodges Mayor of Barry as well as Barry and Vale Cllr Vincent Bailey to deliver over 100 Letters of concern to First Minister, CARWYN JONES.

Jane Hutt AM Objection to NRW Draft Determination

Jane Hutt has lodged her formal objection to Natural Resources Wales Re  Biomass UK No 2 Ltd APPLICATION NUMBER: PAN – 000869

Download here!

Barry Compared with Roath

Our letter sent to the NRW chiefs about how Barry has been treated poorly compared to the recent project at Roath Brook in Cardiff.

Read it here!

Natural Resources Wales Grants Permit



Excerpt from BBC article
“On Wednesday, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said it had no “defensible grounds” to refuse a permit to operate.

Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) said there not had been “adequate scrutiny” of the plans and people’s health was at stake”.

Full article: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-42981252

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales seeks clarity on environmental permitting decisions


Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has written to Natural Resources Wales to ask them to demonstrate how the Well-being of Future Generations Act is being applied during the environmental permitting process.

Full story here!

Hannah Blythyn, Minister for Environment speaks out!

Hannah Blythyn

Hannah Blythyn made the following announcement via twitter.

“We have informed the developer of the Barry biomass plant we are minded to direct an Enviro Impact Assessment must accompany their planning application, currently before @VOGCouncil. Any representations they make will be taken into account before a final decision is made. #OAQs”

Full Twitter thread can be read here!

Supporting articles:

DIAG statement on turn of events.

Excerpt from DIAG statement:
“This week – things changed. First, the Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe announced a wide-ranging review into the decision-making processes of Natural Resources Wales. This news was followed by an announcement by Hannah Blythyn, Welsh Environment Minister, that the Ministers would intervene under powers derived from the EIA Regulations and demand that the developer provide an Environmental Impact Assessment that somehow was omitted during the initial planning stage in 2015.

DIAG welcomes the fact that the Ministers are doing so and is pleased to have been invited to discuss things with the Environment Minister’s Office”.

Read related press releases here!

VOG council publishes Hannah Blythyn letter regarding EIA

EIA letter
A LETTER setting out the Welsh Government’s reasons for a proposed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) into the Barry Docks ‘incinerator’ suggests their investigation could be much more far-reaching than first thought. Download link to WG letter on Vale website: https://is.gd/PHebFx

Welsh Government environment secretary Hannah Blythyn announced last week that she was ‘minded’ to direct an assessment be carried out on the facility, but would not divulge the reasons given to the developer publicly.

A copy of the letter, addressed from the department for energy, planning and rural affairs to the plant’s developers, Biomass UK No. 2 Ltd, was published on the Vale of Glamorgan Council website earlier today (February 23)

Full Barry and District article here!

Jane Hutt speaks out!

jane hutt

‘As a result of my interventions and oral question to the Environment Minister on 14th February in the Senedd, I welcome this initiative and I am pleased that Welsh Ministers are considering an Environmental Impact Assessment on the Biomass Plant on Barry Docks.

Full story

DIAG invests in protection of public future well being!

Final GEM Page

DIAG produced the following information poster for “paid” publication in the GEM newspaper.

We direct you attention to the small print at the bottom of the flyer.  As sadly, we only learnt last minute  that for at least the first 12 months of operation, Natural Resources Wales intends to allow the incinerator potentially to release in excess of 600% of the legal limit of chromium-6 into the environment.

Any pollution above the legal limit is not only immoral but undoubtedly illegal!

"We don't need no incineration"

A pop up flash mob comprised of local musicians make their public statement!

Open letter of concern to OFGEM

We have still not received a proper explanation from the energy regulator Ofgem as to why this incinerator (awarded planning permission in 2015) should be allowed to use the subsidy accreditation given to the different ‘2010’ plant that was never built.

Here is the letter we have sent directly to Ofgem. http://diag.beautifulbarry.co.uk/open-letter-of-concern-to-ofgem

Private Eye express their concerns over subsidy application.

private eye barry incinerator

NRW agree to amend the permit

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 14.47.37

The operators of the Barry Biomass plant have successfully applied to change the way one of the emissions from site is monitored.


Call to revoke license


Picture courtesy of Barry Local News

In response to the Welsh Governments acknowledgement of a breach of environmental conditions DIAG continues to call for a revoke of the permit/license! Local media story here…

To adequately address the seriousness of the juncture that we are currently at DIAG are holding a private extraordinary meeting next Wednesday evening.

We have formally invited Alun Cairns MP, Jane Hutt AM and all of the Vale and BTC Councillors to attend.

We await responses to RSVPs will let the public know who turns up and who doesn’t!

In the meantime please use this template to call for the permit to be stopped: http://diag.beautifulbarry.co.uk/public-call-for-barry-inci…


“Open Letter Of Concern” to Neil Moore, Leader Of The Vale

DIAG wrote to Cllr Neil Moore to congratulate him on his appointment as Leader of the Vale and to better understand his commitment to resolving the longstanding issues relating to the Barry incinerator and in relation to Jane Hutt’s statement regarding the legally required Environmental Impact Assessment?

Read more…

WG 15:5:19 statement

DIAG holds Extraordinary Meeting

In response to a very unclear statement by Ministers Julie James AM and Hannah Blythyn on 15th May.

DIAG asked several questions of the Ministers and their “unclear statement”.

Read more…

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"Open Letter Of Concern" Mark Drakeford AM, First Minister Of Wales

Following on from DIAGs Extraordinary Meeting with Jane Hutt AM and Councillors from Vale and Barry Town council where DIAG produced its welcomed alternative statement (below).

We have written the First Minister of Wales the following “Open Letter of Concern”.



Peaceful Protest Rescheduled for the 22nd June 2019

Due to the success of our Extraordinary Meeting and positive representations held in collaboration with Jane Hutt AM, Coucillors of the Vale and Barry Town council.

“Having given careful consideration DIAG has decided in best interests of the community to reschedule the Peaceful Protest event for the 22nd June 2019.clean air day