November 17, 2017

What you can do now…

You may have seen in the news that Natural Resources Wales have now “granted the permit” for the Barry incinerator without an Environmental Impact Assessment – their final decision can be viewed here.

It goes without saying that we are shocked to hear that this has happened.

Especially with the support and concern of Local Alan Cairns MP and Jane Hutt AM, who have both submitted their respective formal written objections to Natural Resources Wales as well as having lobbied the First Minister, Carwyn Jones.


There’s a way to stop all of this dead in its tracks! By following these simple steps…


1. Write to Hannah Blythyn, Minister Minister of Environment and express your concerns that no “Environmental Impact Assessment” has been carried out.

Click here to email Hannah Blythyn.


2. Register your objection to the planning. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR OBJECTION ONLINE

You can also use the below template letter to write to John Thomas, Leader Of the Vale Of Glamorgan Council, along with the other Vale councillors. Tell the planning committee what you think of this and ask them to refuse this application.

To make this easy, you can email all 17 of them with a single email address which is:  – this email is NOT for registering objections, just to express your views to the councillors.

Click here to email the Vale Council and object to planning.

Good to know:

Biomass have submitted a new planning application to the VOG Council for a new water tank which is already being constructed.

As stated above in point #2 – this is a chance for us to object as much as possible and to put pressure on the planning councillors to refuse this planning application. If it is refused, the NRW permit cannot be issued.

Please write as soon as possible to the members of the Vale of Glamorgan council planning committee asking them to reject the application to vary the planning permission.

  • Use the template letter below to raise your concerns with your councillors & AM’s & MP’s.
    To ensure that your voice is heard, the relevant media channels will also been copied in.

Below is a pre-drafted objection letter letter which you can send off by filling in your name and address. Emails will be sent directly to Vale of Glamorgan council, Natural Resources Wales and Hannah Blythyn, Welsh Environment minister and the appropriate public bodies.

Template letter and how to use it:

1. Add your specific details to the main body of the text
2. Fill out name and address below
3. Hit the send button.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Do not add your details to the above letter this will be done automatically by entering them below.
43 people have taken part in this action.  Please contact if you have any difficulties or queries.

Any questions, please just drop us a line