March 10, 2018

Stop It!

Stand up against the outrageous promotion of Biomass commissioning by NRW

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) decided at last week’s meeting that commissioning the plant would start on Monday 12th.  No senior officer from the Vale Council was present and NRW ignored the fact that the Vale’s planning processes are far from complete.

Though the lack of a discharge consent from Dwr Cymru spiked NRW’s plan, their announcement of the programme is equivalent without the name. 

The Vale Council still has control, yet NRW are acting as if they are in charge and are promoting the company’s interest.  Time for the Vale Council to assert itself on behalf of Barry people!

Below is a pre-drafted ‘urgent call’ letter which you can send off by filling in your name and address. Emails will be sent directly to Vale of Glamorgan council & Natural Resources Wales.

Template letter and how to use it:

1. Add your specific details to the main body of the text
2. Fill out name and address below
3. Hit the send button.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Do not add your details to the above letter this will be done automatically by entering them below.
62 people have taken part in this action.  Please contact if you have any difficulties or queries.