February 25, 2018


Amongst other awareness groups, DIAG is working closely with Biofuelwatch and UK Without Incineration Network – UKWIN both are excellent resources with whom we are sharing best practices.

Who’s else is raising awareness and campaigning for improved public health?

Friends of the Earth (FoE)
Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS)

Zero Waste Alliance UK (ZWA UK)
Zero Waste Europe
Zero Waste blog

Further reading:
Several report which highlight long term impact of biomass usage include but are not limited to:

Eunomia report – Is burning biomass sustainable?

Plume Plotter: Impact of Air pollution in hills

Carbon brief report: UK now burning 33% of world’s wood pellet imports

Chatham House report: Sustainability and perception of Biomass as being carbon neutral.

DIAG doesn’t believe that this incinerator should be in anyone’s back yard. Please take a moment to look through the Biofuelwatch and UK Without Incineration Network – UKWIN websites and support them on the wider issue and in doing you will be protecting your own backyard.