April 14, 2017

In the news

Welsh Gov. calls for an ‘environmental statement’ on Barry’s incinerator – but campaigners say: ‘We still want a full EIA’

Letter setting out reasons for Barry Docks ‘incinerator’ assessment suggests far-reaching investigation
First_Minister asked to support protest against Barry

Action plan proposed in Barry incinerator fight

Divided opinions expressed over controversial Biomass application

Council leader slams lies and scaremongering surrounding Barry’s controversial incinerator

Campaign against Barry incinerator license hots up

Council wins Barry incinerator ash fight at High Court

The Vale’s UK and Welsh Government leaders discuss Biomass UK license application

First Minister Listened to Concerns: NRW consultation extension agreed

300 demonstrate against incinerator in Barry’s town centre

These are articles via third party news sites which are relevant to our campaign.

Neath waste plant closed over emissionsExpert Gives Incinerator Warning


“Incineration overcapacity exists and is harmful”

Theresa May warns toxic air is fourth largest health risk after cancer, obesity and heart disease

Welsh Government admits in High Court: No plan on air pollution was “unlawful”


For those interested, both the UKWIN and BiofuelWatch websites are also excellent resources.

A fire at a small wood recycling firm in Pembrokeshire yesterday was so hard to deal with, after crews from 5 fire stations, they left it in the control of the staff, still burning. Still feel safe? https://t.co/Mik9qZGH1p

Following on from DIAGs Extraordinary Meeting with @JaneHutt and Councillors from @VOGCouncil & @Barry_TC
We have written @fmwales the following "Open Letter of Concern". https://t.co/yS1NasbpW8
@AndrewRTDavies @neiljmcevoy @WalesPolitics @mattdiscombe @SteffMess @biofuelwatch https://t.co/crjhsIFB9M
StopBarryBurnin photo

Dear @JaneHutt thank you for the opportunity to hold representations with you last night. We look fwd to continued dialogue.
DIAG has therefore decided in best interests of the community to reschedule our protest until such time that it would be required! https://t.co/YaZjF9RnWY https://t.co/3GgG15QN1v
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Here's a lovely email we found in one of our many many freedom of information requests. A chap called R Thomas from @VOGCouncil saying an EIA is obligatory. He must be one of those nice officers in the civic building. #IfYouKnowYouKnow https://t.co/Nh3881HX2v StopBarryBurnin photo

The protection of Vale residents (... and undoubetdly those vulnerable receptors) has to be everybody's highest priority! #StopBurryBurnin #GiveUsABreatherAviva @avivainvestors @avivaplc @AvivaUK @biofuelwatch @WalesPolitics

Stop the permit: https://t.co/AZeHmCcG8x https://t.co/PzCHFPUOa2 https://t.co/3tqgJCgCVk
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#GassedByAviva @StopBarryBurnin
@mattdiscombe @VOGCouncil Today we have written an "Open Letter Of Concern" to Neil Moore, Leader Of @VOGCouncil.

We look forward to his collaborative response and self declared commitment to the protection of the vulnerable people of Vale. https://t.co/SWGPMmTUF5