April 14, 2017

In the news


Letter setting out reasons for Barry Docks ‘incinerator’ assessment suggests far-reaching investigation
First_Minister asked to support protest against Barry

Action plan proposed in Barry incinerator fight

Divided opinions expressed over controversial Biomass application

Council leader slams lies and scaremongering surrounding Barry’s controversial incinerator

Campaign against Barry incinerator license hots up

Council wins Barry incinerator ash fight at High Court

The Vale’s UK and Welsh Government leaders discuss Biomass UK license application

First Minister Listened to Concerns: NRW consultation extension agreed

300 demonstrate against incinerator in Barry’s town centre

These are articles via third party news sites which are relevant to our campaign.

Neath waste plant closed over emissionsExpert Gives Incinerator Warning


“Incineration overcapacity exists and is harmful”

Theresa May warns toxic air is fourth largest health risk after cancer, obesity and heart disease

Welsh Government admits in High Court: No plan on air pollution was “unlawful”


For those interested, both the UKWIN and BiofuelWatch websites are also excellent resources.

What a bunch of cowboys. They *want* it to be safe. They're the ones running it!
A safe and clean #valeofglamorgan would be a good start.
https://t.co/n7KdLo8y8t https://t.co/X5DUkOSoGP
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We've been asking for TEN MONTHS 🔥 🤬☠️💀💩 https://t.co/N6ITuQ1HDI

This is what happens when you push and push and push. You win. @biofuelwatch https://t.co/8GPiCdyAlp
You say no.
You keep saying no.
You scream it until you are blue in the face 🥶
No Barry Incinerator.
No. ☢️🚫☣️☠️💀
#ValeOfGlamorgan #wales https://t.co/zdykuVqkEm
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. @AndrewRTDavies met with Barry residents and diag members this morning. Regarding the eia decision @wgmin_enviro is  “proposing to take it as soon as possible”
Its only been TEN MONTHS! #nobarryincinerator #ValeOfGlamorgan 🎅🎄🎅🎄🦈🤠🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿☢️☣️ https://t.co/xgWjm10HgT
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