April 14, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dangers of this plant?

Toxic Pollution. Severe Fire Risk of woodchip storage.

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and why doesn’t the Welsh government insist on one considering the impact that a plant of this nature would have upon the local community?

The Welsh Government, in particular Hannah Blythyn, the minister dealing with the issue, has stated that the she is “minded” to instruct an EIA – however she has yet to make her finally decision. Read more here

Why is it called an incinerator? I’ve read it is something else.

This is the company playing politics. An incinerator is often perceived as something bad. An energy plant sounds far better. The NRW permit application states it is an incinerator and will be used for incineration. There’s no two ways about it.

Why is it dangerous?

Technically, there is nothing wrong with this type of plant. This one however, is in the totally wrong location. Never before has a plant like this been built in the middle of a town and so close to homes, schools, hospitals, shops etc. There is an obvious fire risk with storing wood chips and South Wales has already seen numerous fires in similar plants, some burning for weeks.

There is also the toxic pollution. Tiny particles known as nano-particles will escape the plants filtration system and into our atmosphere where it will cool and fall down to earth. These type of particles are not regulated by any arm of the government and not monitored by the company. The law simply is not sufficient enough to deal with this, especially on the doorstep of 55,000 people.

Read this news article from the Guardian about nano-particles found in abundance in the brain.

Who is the company?

It is called Biomass UK No.2 Ltd and they were previously known as Sunrise Renewables.

They are owned by Aviva, one of the UK’s biggest brands.

Why did the newspaper say they were not owned by Aviva?

This is a false statement issued by Biomass. See this page on companies house which clearly lists Aviva.

Can it be stopped? It’s already being built.

It’s being built at the developers own risk. The building is actually modular and can be dismantled and moved to a different site. It has planning permission granted by VoG council but to operate it needs a permit from Natural Resources Wales. We are campaigning against this based on the risk to our health from it being built so close to the community. If NRW do not grant a permit then the building will be a total waste of investment from the company. There are a number of incinerator plants of this nature in the UK that have closed or had permits revoked following fires.

Why did nobody know this was happening?

It has been through a public consultation from Vale of Glamorgan council and it has been covered in the Barry and District Newspaper. Unfortunately this does not reach everyone effected. It has only been with recent activity and the viral videos on social media that more people have found out about it and been vocal in opposing it at our protests.

How long has the campaign been going?

It has been almost ten years in different shapes and forms, as in different companies has attempted to set up shop. Click here for a detailed timeline of events!