Via our social media channels we have received a multitude of requests regarding who best to complain to in the respect of Environment nuisances/ disturbances such as light, noise and air pollution.

If you have already sent a previous complaint. Click here to email the Vale Council and send an updated complaint.

How to complain in 2 simple steps…

  • Complete this online complaint form or call Shared Regulatory Services: Tel: 0300 123 6696
  • Use the template letter below to raise your concerns with your councillors & AM’s & MP’s.
    To ensure that your voice is heard, the relevant media channels will also been copied in.

Below is a pre-drafted complaint letter which you can send off by filling in your name and address. Emails will be sent directly to Vale of Glamorgan council & Natural Resources Wales.

Template letter and how to use it:

1. Add your specific details to the main body of the text
2. Fill out name and address below
3. Hit the send button.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Do not add your details to the above letter this will be done automatically by entering them below.
21 people have taken part in this action.  Please contact if you have any difficulties or queries.