It's not over yet

DIAG Objectives

The Barry waste wood incinerator has been granted a permit by Natural Resources Wales to operate and the developer claims to have hit their subsidy deadline – so why is the Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group continuing to fight the incinerator and the related open-air wood store on the dock? Because there is still much[…]

Final GEM Page


Via our social media channels we have received a multitude of requests regarding who best to complain to in the respect of Environment nuisances/ disturbances such as light, noise and air pollution. If you have already sent a previous complaint. Click here to email the Vale Council and send an updated complaint. How to complain[…]


Plume Plotter is here!

We have been given a gift of technology! The guys behind the PlumePlotter website have been very kind and taken the data for the Barry plant and two of the local weather stations (which we might add, are not at the airport!). This data gives an accurate real-time display of where this plants emissions will[…]