URGENT CALL: To Leader Of the Vale


DIAG is asking the Vale council why a STOP notice has not been issued despite passing a Motion that promised the public that it would proactively address the previous mistakes made!

Having patiently waited for over two weeks since the last full Vale of Glamorgan council (VoGc) meeting where by the below motion was approved by all but one Councillor That Councillor being Eddie Williams. (below is a video of full meeting which is best viewed from 12mins 50sec mark).

1. VoGc shares public concern that no EIA was ever done.
2.  The VoGc calls for an independent review of all planning decisions made by the Vale council regarding the incinerator.
3. That the VoGc calls on Welsh Govt. to issue a Discontinuance Order.
4. Urges the VoGc considers the expediency of taking enforcement action.

Considering the gravity of such a motion we trust that the Leader of the Vale Council and indeed the entire council is giving this matter the attention that it deserves and politely but firmly asks what action has been taken?

Gepostet von Beautiful Barry am Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2020

In this respect we’ve written the following letter to the Leader of the Vale, as so far the public has seen no action from anyone. At a time when the incinerator developer is carrying on with activities that essentially should not be allowed by the VoGc to take place.

The VoGc has within its powers the option take out enforcement against the continued development – A promise that along with a full the review of planning decision (point #2 of the aforementioned motion) that our elected representative sincere promised the public to take.


Dear Mr Moore and Mr Williams,

Following on from the recent Full Council meeting on the 26th of February, I demand that you issue a stop notice and enforcement proceedings to stop any further activity and building work at the Biomass Barry No 2 incinerator site on David Davies Road, until a 73a planning application is in place to formalise the amended site.

If the motion passed by the Vale is seen to have any meaning, then this needs to be actioned immediately.

If you decide against this action please explain to me your reasons why?


We believe that both the council and Cllr Neil Moore, as the Leader of the Vale places the the safety of residents as their number one priority believes that it is within everyone’s interest that they act act urgently and diligently on behalf of the people.

Bearing this in mind, wouldn’t it look very bad if nothing was done by our council!

FED UP with the waiting? Take action and let it be known how you feel…

Use the below letter template to ask the Vale exactly what actions have been taken and in doing so receive a personal response?

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