clean air day

Peaceful Protest on hold

Due to the success of last night’s Extraordinary Meeting and positive representations held in collaboration with Jane Hutt AM, Coucillors of the Vale and Barry Town council. “Having given careful consideration DIAG has decided in best interests of the community to reschedule the Peaceful Protest event until such time that it would be required! The[…]


Stop The Permit

TAKE ACTION: Below is a pre-drafted ‘urgent call’ letter which you can send off by filling in your name and address. Emails will be sent directly to those that are responsible for our future Well-being. Template letter and how to use it: 1. Add your specific details to the main body of the text 2.[…]

private eye barry incinerator

Stop The Ofgem Subsidy

For some time DIAG has been looking into the subsidy which will fund this monstrosity. We have now written to Alun Cairns MP and Ofgem because we have grounds to believe Aviva SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CLAIM THE PUBLIC SUBSIDY, funded by energy bill payers. We have asked Alun Cairns to lobby the regulator[…]

It's not over yet

DIAG Objectives

The Barry waste wood incinerator has been granted a permit by Natural Resources Wales to operate and the developer claims to have hit their subsidy deadline – so why is the Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group continuing to fight the incinerator and the related open-air wood store on the dock? Because there is still much[…]