April 15, 2017

What you can do…

  1. Object to planning
  2. Raise your concern and write to your councillors, AM’s & MP’s – All details as below.
  3. Donate, sign the petition and support events.
  4. #Sign&Share=STOP!

Write to your town councillors

Following the 2017 local elections please find below details for the Barry Town and Vale of Glamorgan councillors.

Select the ward where you live. Email your councillors and tell them why you are against this toxic plant.

Nic Hodges nic.hodges@ntlworld.com 07504489594
Shirley Hodges shirley.hodges@ntlworld.com 07847335538
Steffan William steffan.wiliam@btinternet.com 07779236439
Mark Hooper mark@indycube.cymru 07548273887
Ian Johnson ianjamesjohnson@hotmail.com 07738182867
Susan Lloyd-Selby    
Jane Andrews janey1958@hotmail.com  
Helen Payne helenpayne47@gmail.com 07811123459
Michaela Richardson michaelarichardson1986@gmail.com 07544054930
Pamela Drake pamela.drake1747@btinternet.com
Millie Collins ameliamarthacollins@hotmail.co.uk
Richard Bertin rjbertin@gmail.com 01446 736227
Bronwen Brooks bronwen23@btinternet.com 07525158391
Sandra Perkes sandraperkes@email.com 07961080440
Vincent Bailey vijbailey@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk 07720 063559
Leighton Rowlands leighton.rowlands@welshconservatives.com 07811990256
Julie Aviet avietfrassinellijulie@yahoo.co.uk  
Jack Hawkins john-hawkins7@sky.com 01446 623558
Margaret Wilkinson mrwilkinson@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk 01446 742950
Janice Charles jecharles1234@gmail.com 07974195071
Tony Hampton info@adhampton.com 01446 746737
Marguerita Wright info@adhampton.com 01446 746737

Write to your Vale councillors


Nic Hodges (Plaid Cymru)
email: NPHodges@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

Steffan Wiliam (Plaid Cymru)
email: STWiliam@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

Owen Griffiths (Labour)
Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru)

Anne Moore (Labour)
Neil Moore (Labour)
Rachel Nugent-Finn (Conservative)

Pamela Drake (Labour)
Millie Collins (Plaid Cymru)

Bronwen Brooks (Labour)
Sandra Perkes (Labour)

Vincent Bailey (Conservatives)
Leighton Rowlands (Conservatives)

Julie Aviet (Labour)
Margaret Wilkinson (Labour)

Margarita Wright (Conservatives)
Janice Charles (Conservatives)
Tony Hampton (Conservatives)

Gordon Kemp (Conservatives)
Matthew Lloyd (Conservatives)

St Athan
John Thomas (Conservatives)

Jonathan Bird (Conservatives)

Write to your local MP’s

Jane Hutt AM for the Vale

Email: Jane.Hutt@assembly.wales

Telephone: 01446 740981 or 0300 200 7110

Twitter: @janehutt

Visit one of her surgeries, details on her website here.

Alun Cairns MP for the Vale

Email: alun.cairns.mp@parliament.uk

Telephone: 01446 403814 or Westminster office 020 7219 7175

Twitter: @aluncairns


Write to the press

We’ve had a fair amount of press coverage recently but some of it has not been in support of our campaign and some of it has not been factual. We have the facts on this site. We have all the documents available for you to read as you wish. Please write to the newspapers and express your feelings not only about this development but how the council have let us all down with their consultation and planning decision.

Glamorgan GEM:  01446 774484 Email: editorial@glamorgan-gem.co.uk

Barry & District: 01633 810000 Email: barrynews@barryanddistrictnews.co.uk

South Wales Echo / Western Mail: 029 2024 3630 Email: newsdesk@walesonline.co.uk

BBC Radio Wales: 03700 100 110 Email: radiowales@bbc.co.uk twitter: @bbcradiowales